Q3 2022 – Life without Confinement!

This quarter we are echoing the Q2 2020 contest when we all lived under strict Covid rule. Luckily we have all recover our freedom now and we would like you to share with us what Life without Confinement means to you.
To remain in the same mindset that Q2 2020, we will exceptionally modify the usual rules of our contest as follow:
  • Each competitor will post a maximum of 5 pictures that should form a consistent series
  • The jury evaluation will be based on the whole series and not on a single shot

You should as much as you can echo the series of Q2 2020 and illustrate the contrast between those 2 periods. We are looking forward to see what this Life without Confinement inspires you!


  • Contest Opening: 24th of July 2022
  • Contest Closing: 30th of September 2022
  • Public Vote Opening: 1st of October 2022
  • Public Vote Closing: 15th of October 2022
  • Jury decision: by end of October 2022



  • One competition per quarter
  • Open to all photographers based in Switzerland
  • 5 pictures / per participants forming a consistent series (download through contest.picz.ch website)

The juries

  • 3 professional photographers
  • You!!!!
    • 1 x public prize
    • Electronic votes
  • -> 2 prizes every quarter
  • The evaluation this quarter will be based on the serie you publish and not on a single shot


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Contest is finished!
Title: Duck Confit ti
Author: MorganCox
Votes: 5

Views: 247
Description: I don't know....