Claudia Willmitzer

  • International photographer born in Germany
  • Graduated from the School for Artistic Photography Friedl
    Kubelkain Vienna
  • Published in different outlets including GUP, Yet Magazine,
    Mashallah News, plsMagazine…
  • Awarded with the Vivian Meyer Prize in 2016
  • Selected as participant in NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in 2017
  • https://www.claudiawillmitzer.com

Andreas Lanz

Joel Odesser

  • French photographer based in Hong Kong
  • Inherited his interest in photography from his grand-father Henri Odesser who was a recognised professional photographer in Annecy (France)
  • His inspiration is intimately connected to his passion for travel. He himself is living abroad since 2000’s
  • His exploration has shaped his photographic expression to an unexpected paradox: the exploration of contrasts between the gentle and abstract beauty lying in Nature, compared to rich and overloaded urban environments.
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