Q2 2023 – Let the Sun Shine – and the winners are…

This quarter and following the 57mins that head of the famous Böögg snowman took to burst during  the 2023 Sechseläuten ceremony, a lot of us were wondering if we would have a summer at all.

This is why we asked our members to give us their interpretation of “Let the sun shine” means to them.

As always we asked them to be creative and imaginative.


The Jury Prize: Charles S.

Title: Studio Pool

Description: This was shot int he PICZ studio. The image has a funny backstory. With a small group of photographers, we had planned a pool side shoot in an airbnb close to Zurich, taking some inspiration from Dolce and Gabana ads. As we started getting ready, the owner came stroming out of the house next to the pool accusing us of wanting do a porn shoot at her pool and threatened to call the police. There was no way to calm her down and explain that this was not out intent. Ultimately we decided to leave and go to the studio where we simulated a pool with blue backgroudn paper. The water reflections were composited in.

The Public Prize: This quarter we get 2 ex-aquoe

Public Prize #1: Abhi Gupta

Title: The Sun may not shine the brightest then, but A Sunset does produce some majestic paintings !

Public Prize #2: Anto Z.

Title: Entrance of Morbihan Gulf – Port Navalo, Brittany, France

Description: Drone shot