Q1 2023 – Monochrome

This quarter, we have decided to challenge you creativity and show us how you interpret the word “Monochrome”.

It can be an idea, a concept, a creation… You can shoot abstract, landscape, portait or whatever you fill likes it and echoes the monochrome theme.

Lot of people could inspire you. The pioneer being probably Kasimir Malevitch and his White on White composition, but you can also check the work of Yves Klein and his IKB242 blue more well known as “The Bleu Klein” or Ad Rheinhardt and his extreme definition of purity.

If you are more into technology or more modern interpretation, you could also check Vantablack, the most intense black ever artificially created by man and absorbing 99.96% of the light. Originally developed for the Army, the pattern was bought by Anish Kapoor (creating a big controversy) and it was displayed at the last Venice Biennale of Art. It could certainly gives you fuel for thoughts. 

If you are more figurative and like the outdoor, why not getting inspiration by the work of Ansel Adams (we already dedicated a contest to him) and his nine scale of grey. Outdoor abstract is also possible and a monochrome composition could be easy to find or even better, to make.

As you see the limit this quarter is once again your imagination. 

Don’t put any barrier to your creativity and push the limits of what you normally do. Most importantly, use this theme to practice and to have fun.



  • Contest Opening: 17th of February 2023
  • Submission Closure:  31st of March 2023
  • Public Vote Opening: 1st of April 2023
  • Public Vote Closing: 15th of April 2023
  • Jury decision: by end of April 2023



  • One competition per quarter
  • Open to all photographers based in Switzerland
  • 3 pictures / per participants

The juries

  • 3 professional photographers
  • You!!!!
    • 1 x public prize
    • Electronic votes
  • -> 2 prizes every quarter