Q1 2023 – Monochrome – and the winners are…

This quarter, we challenged our participants creativity and asked them to show us how they interpreted the word “Monochrome”.

They have been very creative and presented a a broad variety of pictures from abstract to portait including also some nature morte and some landscape.

They could have been inspire by pioneer like  Kasimir Malevitch and his White on White composition, or the painter Yves Klein and his IKB242 blue also known as “The Bleu Klein”.

The one ore into technology may have checked Vantablack, the most intense black artificially created and absorbing 99.96% of the light. Some impressive example of usage were displayed at the last Venice Biennale of Art  by Anish Kapoor creating a big controversy.

The more figurative of our participants may have been inspired by Ansel Adams (we already dedicated a contest to him) and his nine scale of grey.


The Jury Prize: Giovanni Risi

Title: The remains of the day

The Public Prize: Rita Ferreira

Title: Lady in the wind