The contest is now close but the public vote opened until the 15th of January. Make sure to vote for your favorite photographies. The winners will be announced at the February members meeting.


Q4 2021 – Make us hungry (or thirsty)!

The winter is here, and the cold temperature that are soon coming will give us many opportunities to practice our Cooking skills.
This is why this quarter PICZ is asking you to make us hungry. In the comfort of your home, in the studio or outside, we want to lick our chops while looking at your shoots. 
The restaurants have reopened so it will also gives you excuse to go out! The creativity and the capacity of putting a scene together is what we will be looking at this time. The technic shouldn’t be forgotten and I am sure the splashing effects could also give you a competitive advantage.




  • Contest Opening: 1st of October 2021
  • Contest Closing: 31st of December 2021
  • Public Vote Opening: 1st of January 2022
  • Public Vote Closing: 15th of January 2022
  • Jury decision: by end of January 2022



  • One competition per quarter
  • Open to all photographers based in Switzerland
  • 3 pictures / per participants

The juries

  • 3 professional photographers
    • 1 x jury prize
    • Jury composition -> new jury to be announced soon!!!
  • You!!!!
    • 1 x public prize
    • Electronic votes
  • 2 prizes every quarter




New Jury Composition to be announced soon


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Contest is finished!
Title: Thirsty?
Author: zetoune
Votes: 2

Views: 250
Description: Water dropping experiment. Synchronisation is the key to get a picture of a water drop collision. I initially try by luck but quickly realise that I needed to put in place a machine to be able to reproduce the result. I did so with some electronic tricks (Arduino) and some scripting (Python) + after finding some reliable and precise water valves that are precise enough to drop several small drops per seconds